Monday, February 19, 2007

New release update

We're starting to expand our reach with the new release list, so you'll find some unusual and fun stuff here. We'd appreciate it if you'd use the DVD link at the right to pre-order any of these. If there's something you're interested in, leave us a comment and we'll try to track it down:

Feb. 27: "Wild Women Double Feature": "Bowanga, Bowanga" (1941) / "Devil Monster" (1946)" (Alpha Video)
March 20: "McHale's Navy: Season One" (Shout Factory) (One of our favorite old shows. Good to see this one finally hitting DVD.)
March 20: "Petula" (1968 Petula Clark TV special) (Varese Vintage)
March 27: "Ten Violent Women" (the description: "Good girls turn bad and end up in a women's prison with a sadistic warden.") (Alpha Video)
March 27: "The Corpse Grinders" (description: "Lowlife cat food manufacturers grind humans into pet food producing horrifing unforseen side effects." (Alpha Video) (Don't you just love those scholocky old movies!)
April 17: "George and the Dragon" (First Look)
April 24: "Ironside: Season One" (Shout Factory)
April 24: "Ten Items Or Less" (First Look)
May 1: "The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" (Shout Factory) ("Ozzie and Harriet" DVD collections have been put out by several public domain labels. Few of the episodes were the real classic ones. It's good to see this finally happening by Shout Factory, in our opinion the premiere retro TV DVD label out there.)
May 8: "The Dead Girl" (First Look)
May 15: "Wings: The Fourth Season" (Paramount)
May 15: "Frasier: The Ninth Season" (Paramount)
May 29: "Katharine Hepburn Collection": Six discs, also available separately: "The Corn is Green," "Dragon Seed," "Morning Glory,"
"Sylvia Scarlett," "Undercurrent," "Without Love."
June 5: "World War II Collection Vol. 2": Six discs with "Air Force," "Command Decision," "Hell to Eternity," "The Hill," "Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo" and "36 Hours." (Warner Bros.)
June 12: "The Original Nancy Drew Movie Mystery Collection" (2 DVDs) featuring "Nancy Drew, Detective," "Nancy Drew, Reporter," "Nancy Drew,Troubleshooter" and "Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase." Starring Bonita Granville. (Warner Bros.) This one could be a lot of fun.