Thursday, November 8, 2007

Give Netflix a try

After pondering the idea for some time, we decided to give Netflix's free trial a go. (Click through the banner at the top if you want to try.)
For those who haven't tried it, they have plans starting at $4.99 a month. We chose the $8.99 plan, which allows you to get one DVD at a time, plus watch 19 hours of movies on line a month.
So far, we've gotten "Tony Bennett: The Music Never Ends" and "The Best of the Colbert Report." We like the convenience, especially watching DVDs (stuff that's just been released, too) without leaving home.
And the queue, which you set up to decide which films you'll get, is pretty unique and a nice idea. You never have to tell them to send you something. They send you what's in your queue automatically when you return the previous one you've rented.
If you're a Netflix subscriber, add your comments.