Saturday, January 27, 2007

And the street dates just keep coming

Some really interesting titles coming from Paramount. Here are some of them:
2/20: "Flushed Away"
4/3: "Frasier: The Ninth Season"
4/3: "The Untouchables: Season One"
4/3: "The Streets of San Francisco: Season One"
4/10: "Major League" (Wild Thing Edition)
4/10: "Twin Peaks: The Second Season"
4/13: "Love Story"
4/17: "Laverne and Shirley: The Complete Second Season"
4/24: "The Odd Couple: Season One"
5/15: "Wings: The Fourth Season"

2/6: "Eddie Murphy: Delirious" (Anchor Bay)
2/6: "Hollywoodland" (Universal)
2/13: "The Golden Girls: The Complete Seventh Season"
2/13: "Paul Robeson: Portrait of an Artist (Criterion)
2/20: "Pink Floyd: Atom Heart Mother"
2/20: "Rock Milestones: Pink Floyd: The Wall"

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