Saturday, February 2, 2008

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From Disney:
The Aristocats Special Edition
From Paramount:
Black Rain / Fatal Attraction Double Feature
The Talented Mr. Ripley / School Ties Double Feature
The Hunt for Red October / K-19: The Widowmaker Double Feature
The Hours / Heartburn Double Feature Standard
Blue Hawaii / Paradise, Hawaiian Style
King Creole / G.I. Blues Double Feature
Go Diego Go!: Diego's Magical Missions
Beauty and the Beast: The Third Season
Soul Food - The Series: The Third Season
Best of Comedy Central Presents
The Jewish Americans
From Universal:
Elizabeth: The Golden Age
From Warner Home Video:
Americanizing Shelley
Assassination of Jesse James, The
Black Woman's Guide to Getting Married
Charlie & Lola: Volume 7: This Is Actually My Party
Flogging Margaret
George Lopez: America's Mexican
Legion of Superheroes: Volume 2
Perfect Strangers: The Complete First & Second Seasons
The Brave One
Third Watch: The Complete First Season
You've Got Mail: Deluxe Edition
From Shout Factory:
Ironside, Season 2, Vol. 1
Comic Relief: The Greatest and the Latest

From Classic Media:
George of the Jungle: The Complete Original Series
From Paramount:
Wonder Pets: Save The Dinosaur
Girlfriends: The Third Season
Family Ties: The Third Season
Comedy Central Roast of Flavor Flav: Uncensored!
From Warner Home Video:
Batman: Mask of Phantasm Batman and Mr. Freeze: Sub Zero
Battle of the Bulge Featuring Bone Crusher
Beatrix Potter Collection
Black August
Blade: The Series
Coleccion Pedro Infante: !?Que te ha dado esa mujer?!
Coleccion Pedro Infante: Arriba las Mujeres
Coleccion Pedro Infante: Las mujeres de mi General
Coleccion Pedro Infante: Viva mi Desgracia
Dallas: The Complete Eighth Season
Introducing The Dwights
Joan Crawford Collection Vol. 2
Martian Child
NBA Street Series - Volume 5
No Reservations
Prehistoric Predators
Sopranos, The: Season 6 Part 2
Tale of Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle & Mr. Jeremy Fisher & Other Stories (Beatrix Potter)
Tale of Pigling Bland and Other Stories (Beatrix Potter)
WB Home Entertainment Presents: Academy Award® Animation Collection 15 Winners, 26 Nominees
Warner Bros. Home Entertainment Presents: Academy Awards® Animation Collection, 15 Winners
World of Peter Rabbit & Friends, The (Beatrix Potter)

From Paramount:
Walker, Texas Ranger: The Fourth Season
Shark Tale / Antz 2-Pack Spring 2-Pack with Tattoos
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron / The Road to El Dorado 2-Pack Spring 2-Pack w/Tattoos
The Prince of Egypt / Joseph: King of Dreams 2-Pack Spring 2-Pack w/Tattoos
Shrek Spring 2 Pack w/Tattoos
Flushed Away Spring 2 Pack w/Tattoos
Flushed Away Spring 2 Pack w/Tattoos
Max & Ruby: Springtime for Max & Ruby/Afternoons with Max & Ruby 2-Pack
Dora the Explorer:Big Sister Dora/City of Lost Toys 2-Pack
Max & Ruby: Springtime for Max & Ruby/Afternoons with Max & Ruby 2-Pack
Dora the Explorer:Big Sister Dora/City of Lost Toys 2-Pack Standard DVD
SpongeBob Squarepants: Home Sweet Pineapple/SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric 2-Pack Standard DVD
SpongeBob Squarepants: Home Sweet Pineapple/SpongeBob Goes Prehistoric 2-Pack Standard DVD
Nick Jr. Celebrates Spring/Blue's Clues:Blue's Room: It's Hug Day 2-Pack Standard DVD
Dora the Explorer: Super Silly Fiesta!/Nick Jr. Favorites 4 2-Pack Standard DVD Blue's Clues: Blue's Room: Shape Detectives/Beyond Your Wildest Dreams 2-Pack Standard Charlotte's Web (1973)/Charlotte's Web 2 2-Pack Standard DVD Full Screen Rugrats: Tales From the Crib: Snow White/Three Jacks & a Beanstalk 2-Pack Standard DVD Drake & Josh: Go Hollywood/Suddenly Brothers - Volume 1 2 Pack Standard DVD
Margot At The Wedding Standard DVD Widescreen Comedy, Drama 1/15/2008 Jakers!: Treasure Hunt on Raloo Farm Standard DVD Widescreen
From Warner Home Video:
Easter Bunny Is Coming To Town: Deluxe Edition
Father Ted: The Definitive Collection (DVD)
Helen Mirren at the BBC
In the Valley of Elah
Invasion, The
Les Miserables (1995) (BBC)
Looney Tunes: Movie Collection Vol. 3
Looney Tunes: Spotlight Collection Vol. 5
Michael Clayton
My Dog Skip/ Shiloh 3: Saving Shiloh (DBFE)
Peanuts: It's the Easter Beagle, Charlie Brown Deluxe Edition
Riverdance: Live from Radio City Music Hall: Collector's Edition
Swordfish/Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines (DBFE)
Tom and Jerry: Shiver Me Whiskers
Tom and Jerry: Tales Vol. 1
From Universal:
American Gangster
Lust, Caution

From Warner Home Video:
Extras: The Extra Special Series Finale
Hotel Babylon Season 1.
Justice League: The New Frontier
Justice League: The New Frontier Special Edition
NFL Super Bowl XLII
Pinochet's Last Stand
Silk (DVD)
Smurfs, The: Season 1, Volume 1
State of Play (2003) (BBC)
From Paramount:
Beowulf Standard
Caillou's Family Favorites
Beowulf Director's Cut
The Fugitive: The First Season, Volume Two
Backyardigans: Tale Of The Mighty Knights
Max & Ruby: Berry Bunny Adventures Standard DVD

From Disney:
101 DALMATIANS: Platinum Edition
From Paramount:
Human Giant: The Complete First Season
The Love Boat: Season One Volume One
Things We Lost in the Fire
Into the Wild
From Warner Home Video:
Ben 10 Season 3
Doctor Who: Beginning Collection, The
Doctor Who: Ep. 13 - Web Planet, The
Doctor Who: Ep. 45 - Mind Robber, The
Doctor Who: Ep. 54 - Inferno
Doctor Who: Ep. 57 - Claws of Axos, The
Doctor Who: Ep. 69 - Green Death, The
Doctor Who: Ep. 78 Genesis of the Daleks
Doctor Who: Ep. 81 - Planet of Evil
Doctor Who: Ep. 87 - Hand of Fear, The
Doctor Who: Ep. 92 - Horror of Fang Rock
Doctor Who: Ep.104 - Destiny of the Daleks
Doctor Who: Ep.105 - City of Death
Doctor Who: Ep.110 - Leisure Hive, The
Doctor Who: Ep.143 - Revelation of the Daleks
Doctor Who: Ep.157 - Ghost Light
Doctor Who: Lost In Time - Patrick Troughton Years
Doctor Who: Lost In Time- William Hartnell Years
Doctor Who: Mark of the Rani, The (Ep. 140)
Doctor Who: Visitation, The (Ser. 120)
Horton Hears A Who: Deluxe Edition
Johnson Family Dinner
No Reservations
The Other Boleyn Girl
The UCLA Dynasty

From Paramount:
Lil' Bush: Resident of the United States - Season One
South Park: Imaginationland
Bee Movie
Bee Movie Jerry’s 2 Disc Special Edition
Love American Style Season 1, Volume 2
The Mod Squad: The First Season, Volume Two
From Warner Home Video:
Appleseed Ex Machina
Appleseed Saga:Ex Machina:LE (2D)
August Rush
Color of the Cross 2: Resurrection
Def Comedy Jam: Hughley
Dinosaurs Unearthed (NG)
Five Days
In the Valley of Elah
Last of the Summer Wine: Vintage 1976
Michael Clayton
Michael Palin: New Europe (DVD)
Nancy Drew (2007)
One Foot in the Grave Season 4
One Foot in the Grave: Season 3
Tom and Jerry: Tales Vol. 4
Wiggles, The: Cold Spaghetti Western
Wiggles, The: Getting Strong
Wiggles, The: Here Comes the Big Red Car
Wiggles, The: Hoop Dee Doo! It's a Wiggly Party
Wiggles, The: It's a Wiggly Wiggly World!
Wiggles, The: Lights, Camera Action
Wiggles, The: Live Hot Potatoes!
Wiggles, The: Magical Adventure
Wiggles, The: Racing to the Rainbow
Wiggles, The: Sailing Around the World
Wiggles, The: Santa's Rockin'
Wiggles, The: Splish Splash Big Red Boat
Wiggles, The: Whoo Hoo! Wiggly Gremlins
Wiggles, The: Wiggle Around the Clock
Wiggles, The: Wiggle Dancing! Live in the U.S.A.
Wiggles, The: Wiggly Wiggly Christmas
Wiggles, The: Yule Be Wiggling

From Shout Factory
McHale's Navy: Season 3
From Paramount:
The Untouchables: Season Two, Volume One
The Wild Wild West: The Fourth Season
From Warner Home Video:
Autopsy: Postmortem with Dr. Michael Baden
Extreme Alaska: Denali National Park (NG)
I Am Legend
I Am Legend Special Edition
Justice League: The New Frontier Special Edition
Love in the Time of Cholera (DVD)
NFL Films Classics: Legends of Autumn Volumes IV-VI
Pebbles And Bamm-Bamm Show, The
Pup Named Scooby-Doo, A: The Complete First Season
The Sickhouse (DVD)

From Shout Factory:
Jayce & The Wheeled Warriors Volume One
From Warner Home Video:
Black Legion
Bonnie and Clyde
Bonnie and Clyde: Special Edition
Bonnie and Clyde: Ultimate Collector's Edition
Brother Orchid
Greatest NBA Rivalries Volume I
IFL Championship 2007
Lady Killer
Mayor Of Hell
NBA Boston Celtics 1985-86
NHL All-Access (2008)
Picture Snatcher (1933)
Smart Money (1931)
Warner Gangsters Collection Volume 1
Warner Gangsters Collection Volume 2
From Universal:
Battlestar Galactica, Season Three

From Warner Home Video:
Appleseed Saga:Ex Machina:LE (2D)
August Rush
BBC Natural History Collection, The
Bette Davis Collection Volume 3
David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials
Doctor Who: Ep. 70 - Time Warrior, The
Echo and Other Elephants
Harold & Kumar: Special Edition (WS/DVD)
John From Cincinnati: The Complete First Season
Martin: The Complete Fourth Season
Terry Jones: Medieval Lives
The Return of Swamp Thing

From Warner Home Video:
11th Hour
Ben 10 Race Against Time
Born to Dance/Lady be Good
Broadway Melody of 1936/Broadway Melody of 1938
Classic Musicals from the Dream Factory Volume 3
Deep in My Heart
Eden at the End of the World
Hit the Deck
I Am Legend
Innocent Voices
Kismet (1955)
Nancy Goes to Rio/Two Weeks with Love
Planet Earth: From Pole to Pole/Mountains/Fresh Water
Planet Earth:Caves/Deserts/Ice Worlds
Planet in Peril (CNN)
Private Life of a Masterpiece, The: Collection
Private Life of a Masterpiece, The: Impressionism and the Post Impressionists
Private Life of a Masterpiece, The: Masterpieces of Sculpture
Private Life of a Masterpiece, The: Renaissance Masterpieces
Private Life of a Masterpiece, The: Seventeenth Century Masterpieces
Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry 6
Sense and Sensibility (2007) (BBC)
Sense and Sensibility Deluxe Edition Gift Set
Six Degrees Could Change the World

From Warner Home Video:
Bonnie and Clyde
Canine Conspiracy, The /The Cat Connection
Classical Baby:I'm Grown Up Now:The Poetry Show
Human Footprint
Tenant of Wildfell Hall, The

From Warner Home Video:
Coleccion Pedro Infante: No desearas la mujer de tu hijo
Gettin' Grown
My Boy Jack (2007)
Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!: Season 1

From Disney:
THE CLASSIC CABALLEROS COLLECTION: Saludos Amigos and Three Caballeros
From Warner Home Video:
Bernard and Doris
The Golden Compass (DVD)
The Golden Compass 2-Disc Special Edition
The Weekend
Waltons, The: The Complete Seventh Season

From Warner Home Video:
Allo 'Allo: Complete Series 8
Bridges of Madison County, The: Deluxe Edition
Macon County Line
Seven Wonders of the Industrial World (2003) DVD
Twister Special Edition
Twister: Special Edition

From Warner Home Video:
Essential Classic American Musicals
Essential Classic Dramas
Essential Classic Family Films
Essential Classic Musicals
Essential Classic Romances
Essential Directors: Clint Eastwood
Essential Directors: Martin Scorsese
Legends, Icons & Superstars of the 20th Century
Lovejoy: The Complete Season Three DVD
Two and a Half Men: The Complete Third Season

From Warner Home Video:
New Maverick(Pilot 1)
Richie Rich/Scooby-Doo Hour: Volume One
Robot Chicken Star Wars

From Warner Home Video:
Reza: Shooting Back

Anton Chekhov Collection, The

From Warner Home Video:
Rails & Ties

From Warner Home Video:
Glittering Prizes, The (1976) DVD

From Disney:
Tinker Bell: The Movie

From Warner Home Video:
Brando: Documentary, The

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